A Hand in Photography

I'm also fascinated with taking beautiful and meaningful images that I would consider working with for more projects.


I like to immortalize (on my phone) the result of an artist who took his/her idea into concrete reality onto buildings and interior decor. Old buildings, structures, bridges and archways that have to be captured on film.


Light to me symbolizes the divine, which can comfort and/or terrorize the soul. It's fate when light shines through in a beautiful way at the right place and time, and there's luck when you capture it before it's gone.


The world we live in can inspire others even with every angle taken. I make an effort to avoid taking shots with man-made structures because in that way, the pictures feel like they're from another world.

About Me


I'm an American born in Germany, lived there until 7, and lived most of my life in Italy for 11. A "Euro-Merican", as I've dubbed myself. I'm still not used the states after four years.


Art in the physical form: Acting. I have years community theater behind me. Acting is why I became an FPA major, exposed to the art classes here, and now taking this class.


I've been to many places that feel like a dream now, like the United Kingdom or Egypt. I wish I can visit again, since I was very young when I went and had no patience for the sights.


In the semester Fall 2016, I took Painting I, DART 230. My works from that class may be introductory, but I'm very proud of the final results and the long processes behind them.


My fascination with nature and light is my attempt to be closer to God and his divine aura. To reach out an find the place of clarity and peace that all mankind searches for in their own way.

DART 130 Course Description cont. and What We Can Do After the Course

Along the way, we will review design, composition, digital imaging, 2D and 3D animation, web design and development, and post production in video and music. We will use a host of different software packages including: Adobe's Creative Cloud 2018 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver) and others.

We hope that you will comprehend the wealth and limitations of work that one can participate in, through the field of digital art and design. We want you to be able to "frame" a project as a composition before completing it.

  • Determine whether this is the correct major for them.
  • Recognize quality work and composition.
  • Create and use appropriate media formats.
  • Organize and manage project materials in an efficient manner in order to complete assignments.

My DART 130 Projects

"Hallow Man"

Using a photo I took in Berlin, Germany, I made two duplicate layers of the same image, copied the structure after careful selection, and erased the top half of the structure in one layer. Then I pasted the copy onto the second layer to that it is still present when the whole image in first layer is adjusted to seem like a photograph falling. I had to adjust the cut out structure by blurring the edge into the bottom half to seem like one full structure leaving the photo.

"The Gamer"

I took many photos with different "characters" in different positions while the camera stayed stationary. I then cut out everyone and pasted them in their respective positions, all in one image. Adjustments had to be made to make them seem like everyone's in the same space and time, like matching the lighting on everyone's faces and blurring the edges. I also used paint to copy the shadows a couple of characters made in their original images.

"Can I be...?"

The colors looked bland in the original photo, so I experimented with all the colors and effects on those colors until I found this purple setting that made it feel like nighttime with the brightest moonlight. I then took images of the Earth and galaxy I had for future mobile wallpaper options, cut and pasted them out, and made them mostly transparent to that they felt like they were naturally part of the sky. Finally, I used a lens flare effect to seem like a sunrise.