Knowledge Comes By Use

This Art class opens doors for me.

3D Image

Using Photoshop to create this Image.

Talking lion

I used CrazyTalk7 to create this image.

Me and me

This kind of Image is called PortraitWithinPortrait.

Ideas through images


Represents Power.

My brother

The youngest in the family.

Chicago bridge

Art is everywhere.

Crezy lion

I made a lion sing.

Three of me

Trying to be creative .

Taking the Digital Design class has changed my ideas about art.

I am really happy learing about this Digital Design class, now I have more opportunities to explore different major. Aenean posuere lacusnt quis leo imperdiet laoreet. Proin vulputat.

  • Creative
  • Mind nourishment
  • Different experience
  • Improving skills
  • Technology is great
  • Exxploring programs
  • New perspective

My work

Different view

I used Photoshop to create Edge image.


The hardest work so far.

New experince

Being able to use different programs.

Knowledge is life giving