Overall Goal For This Course

My goal for taking this course was to familarize myself with the different programs and become more comfortable with computers in general.

Why UD

I chose UD because I loved the atmosphere the campus offered and saw a great opportunity to receive an education in a smaller classroom setting.

Major & Minor

I am majoring in Sports Marketing and Management with a minor in Business Marketing.


I have been a member of the baseball program for four years.

About Me


I am from Tallahassee, Florida.


I place a high value on family.


I have a passion for sports and want to make a career centered around it.


I love to learn and experience new cultures.

Post Graduation

I aspire to attend graduate school at Florida State University.

What I worked with and accomplished

During this course I was able to fully understand how to effectively use Photoshop. I created multiple projects on Photoshop, as well as creating a piece of art for the Edge Art Contest. Along with Photoshop, I was able to use Dreamweaver to put together this site, and use CrazyTalk 7 to attribute to a music video the class created.

Moving forward, I now understand how to convert and share files.

  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • CrazyTalk 7
  • Converting Files
  • Sharing Files

My Noteable Projects

Portrait Within a Portrait

Inspired by the iconic play in baseball, robbing a home run, I created an image that portrays me going through the process of running to the wall, leaping, and making the catch.

3D Image

I took my Johnny Gaudreau bobblehead and made him apppear as if he was coming out of the picture frame.

Edge Art Contest

I used a picture I took in Tucson, Arizona, and created it into an artistic, green nightscape.

Thank you for visiting