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Learn more about Nathan and the area he is from and what made him interested in taking digital media arts.


Nathan is a sports management and marketing major with a minor in business he will also receive his coaching endorsment.

On Campus

On campus Nathan does alot he is apart of SAAC and also helps gives tours for the baseball team while recruits are on campus.

Post College

After school Nathan's plans are to move down to Kansas City where he is taking a position with the Kansas City Royals.

About Nathan

Home Town

German Valley, Illinois is located in the Northwest corner of Illinois about hour from Dubuque.

Fun Facts

Nathan dream dog to own is a corgi also in his free time he produces music and films youtubue videos.

Family Farm

Nathan lives on his family farm that was founded in 1964 and has been recognized as best small farms in Illinois.

Favorite Sports Teams

Even though he grew up in Illinois some of his favorite sports teams are the Boston Red Sox, and Chicago Blackhawks.

Career Deams

During his life Nathan has a bunch of dream that he wants to complete but the biggest one is getting drafted in the MLB.

Why did you pick digital media arts?

"During my time in high school I was always so interested in photo shop and editing even though my high school did not have the resouces for that stuff I would try to self teach myself.".

"Thoughout my time this semester I have learned so much in both photoshop and all the other softwares that we used. With the knowledge I have learned I will be able to use this in my professional career.".

  • Photoshop
  • Crazy Talk
  • Dreamweaver
  • After Effects
  • Youtube
  • 2D animation
  • video editing

What did I take away from the Class


Learning the basic photoshop skills helped me find ways I can use this in the future.


Dreamweaver helped me find the core ways how to create a website from a non website creating website.

Video Editing

In class we didn't go over video editing that much but outside of class it made me explore it more and enjoy it.

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