Collect my images in one site


3 people in one image

In this image there are more than one person continuing with the ball.

3D image

I use this image to make it 3D.

image with filter

this image from Chicago in the downtown of Chicago.

My Images


This 3D image I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 .

Nice view

The river with beautiful buildings in downtown of Chicago.

Action image

play with the same person.


Kid with big muscles.

The car speaks

I used Crazy talk program to make this image talk.

I learned in class Digital Design how to create site and add my images.

When I took Class Digital Design it was hard to work on it but when I start to work on it it was easy .

How to create a website will help me in the future on my work or if I have my business.

  • Playing ball
  • Strong boy
  • The car speaks
  • Make the images true
  • The life is easy
  • Beautiful images
  • The car speaker

My Images

3D boy

I use this Image to make it 3D.


Playing with the ball with continue images.


I took this image when I was in downtown of Chicago.

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