Hawaiian Paradise

Pan of Ohau Island

In the summer of 2017, I traveled with my grandparents to one of the Hawaiian islands. The island we flew to was Oahu and we stayed in Honolulu City. While we were there, we enjoyed their traditions, their beautiful sights, and the peaceful enviroment. Usually when you think of Hawaii, you immdiately think of volcanos, mountains and the ocean, not the city life. Being able to stay in the city and see their city life was definitely an experience that i will never forget.

Down below are some pictures of the places I visited in Ohau.

The USS Missouri

USS Missouri

Jurassic Park Movie Set Jeep

Jurassic Park Jeep

Pearl Harbor Memorial

Pearl Harbor Memorial

The view of the city on the boat heading back from Pearl Harbor memorial.

Honolulu City View

Oahu, Kualoa Ranch - Where they filmed Jurassic Park.

Oahu, Kualoa Ranch

Waikiki Beach walking path towards Honolulu City next to the park.

Wakiki Beach

While in Hawaii, I relaxed with my grandparents and enjoyed the Hawaiian culture. The food was good, the views were beautiful and the weather was perfect and someday I hope to visit another island. Visiting in Hawaii was definitley an experience I will never forget.

Japanese Prayer Temple

Japanese Prayer Temple

This was a Japanese Prayer Temple located in the mountains away from the city.

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Honolulu City
Honolulu City

While heading up in to the mountains, I took this picture of the city.

Dole Farms Pinapple Statue
Dole Farms

This was at Dole Farms, known for being the best pinapple farms in Hawaii.

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