Welcome to Cruit Island

Cruit Island

Home to the Americans from Iowa.

Sunkin ship wreck off the coast of Cruit Island.

Sunkin ship wreck off the coast of Cruit Island

Close up view of the wreck.


Wreck from the side.

slieve Lieg

Bunbeg Harbor.

Bunbeg Harbor

Slieve Lieg

Slieve Lieg

Trinity College 

Trinity college

Hi my name is Noah Henry Francis Bullock, first of my name of the House Bullock, centered in rural Iowa. USA

Welcome to Cruit Island. It's a small island off the north western point of Ireland. To many it's a far away land that only they may see in their dreams. But to me, I call it home.

Bloody Forelands
Bloody Forelands
These trees create a dramtic feeling for photos and going for a walk.

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Cruit Golfer
Nice lad having an afternoon at the Cruit Island Golf Club. 

The island has its own personal golf club! Featuring two caves.

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