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1. Make a playlist

Whether your a good singer or someone who just loves music and singing, then this is for you. A karaoke party is for you, but how to do it. The first step is make a playlist of songs. When you sing with your friends play a song to test to see if everything works.

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2. Pick Who you want to Sing with and get your favorite Snacks

The best part of doing karaoke is doing it with your friends. So get into a chat room call someone and have someone join you. Make snacks like popcorn to pretzels or whatever salty or sweet party food to bring the party full circle. Have your favorite drink to completment your snacks.

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3. Sing out

Sing out to your favorite songs you don't have to be a great singer but sing out and have fun. Set up a music bot and I perfer Groovy, but Rythm is great too. Just sing out and have fun. If you feel comfortable with having your camera on so your friends or family can see you then go for it, if not then that's fine.

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