Spain, Through My Eyes

These pictures were taken during my international trip to Spain i January of 2018. This trip was a part of a J-Term course which focused on the arts and culture of Spain. We visited four cities including, Madrid, Seville, Toledo and Gibralter, UK. The trip lasted ten days, we wandered through the cities and took a closer look in the museums. It was alla round a fun, easy going trip.

Trips like these are an essential part of a conventional college experience. They teach you human skills, soft skills and instill a greater appreciation for the world we live in today.
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Orange Trees in Seville, Spain

As I was walking through the streets of Seville, all I coud see were these wild orange trees growing everywhere.

Check it out!
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Man in Toledo, Spain

The man in this photo was filled with joy even though he had little of his own and lived on the streets.

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City Spirit

Some Madrid Soccer scarves for the fans hanging in a shop. Very common through most of Europe.

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