Vietnam: The Interviews

Vietnam: The Interviews
January 3 - February 1, 2022

Gallery Director Essay

From time to time, the Bisignano Art Gallery teams up with different museums or galleries to present an exhibit. This is just such a show. The Director and Curator of the Dubuque Museum of Art approached us last year with the prospect of putting together a joint show. The DuMA would present Vietnam: The Real War, photos from the Associated Press archives. The Bisignano would interview Vietnam vets and present their stories in their words along with selected video interviews of these vets. And this is what you see here.

For the general UD student body, this is really all new news to them. For those of us who lived thru that era, this is a mostly bittersweet reminder of a turbulent time gone by. Education often does ruffle a few feathers.

I would like to thank Rick Ernst, Veteran's Admission & Assistance Coordinator/Director of the Sgt Jeffrey B. Dodge Veterans Center, and his staff for interviewing these vets. Noah Bullock, Coordinator of the Bisignano Art Gallery, designed the contents of the show and hung the exhibit.

Alan Garfield
Director, Bisignano Art Gallery

Bill Albract
Ben Andersen

Joanne Downes

Ed Gansemer

Ronald Healey
Nick Lucy

Ray Owensby

Mike Phillips
Brendan Quann

Al Rowell
Don Slattery
Roger Slattery
Jim Wagner

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