Architectural Heritage

Architectural styles and patterns in Saudi Arabia differ from region to region based on the dictate of geography and climate as well as inhabitants needed in each region.

Buildings in the western region, for instance, are characterized by the style dominated in most Islamic countries. The style is known for its spacious rooms, high ceilings, decorated and carved rawashins on front window screens, decorated doors and impressive balconies.

    In contrast, buildings in the central province used to be characterized by simplicity and the use of unbaked mud as building material as it was known for its insulating capacity. Walls were light with small highly positioned adding a special sense of privacy while allowing sunlight and ventilation adequately. Doors had distinctive geometrical decorations.

Still, in the southern province, ‘Asir, houses had a completely different style not only in terms of external appearance and the material used but also in the layout of the rooms. Houses are normally built of hard stone available in the highlands, which further adds sturdiness to these houses.

The northern and eastern provinces are closely similar to the central province with some minor differences based on the need of the inhabitants.