Traditional Costumes

By documenting traditional costumes, Safeya Binzagr wants to preserve them in view of the dearth of references depicting their forms, way of wearing them and nomenclature. Safeya fully depended on field research in order to obtain the needed information. Considering the large area of the country, variations in dress patterns from province to province, it took a number of years to move from research to the actual production of each painting.

Aesthetic sense and appreciation are inherited in the human make-up with variation and differences between individuals and geographical areas whether urban, Bedouin or rural. Tradition plays a decisive role in effecting the way people in one environment through their customs add or delete additions in design depending on their creative and sensual maturity.

The needs of each generation determine the degree by which man modifies his clothes to the extent that he may lose his cultural identity. However, some people insist on wearing traditional clothes in formal festivities and occasions. This situation has led to record and document folkloric heritage in this regard.