Surreal before Photoshop

In a dark room, through the process of masking and exposing select areas of photosensitive paper. While swapping photo negatives, Jerry Uelsmann created fantastic surreal images all without the modern software we use today. (source: MOCP)

Below are three of his surreal works and the buttons above will take you other pages to see more.

Looking at the first photo below, Journey into Night. You can see a depiction of a pair of hands cuddling, what looks like a bird's nest. Although not seen in the cropped photo below, I'd like to note that in the full photo the hands are sprouting out from a tree trunk.

Moving onto the middle photo, Untitled 1982. You can see an old house in what looks like a rural area, rooted into the ground like a tree.

Lastly in the third photo, Untitled 1989. You can see a desk on fire out in the woods, with a chair behind the desk.

Jerry Uelsmann

Born in Detroit, Michigan on June 11, 1934. Jerry Uelsmann has a few different graduate degrees and has taught as a professor in Florida. Now retired, he lives in Florida with many of his works in various art museums. (source: MOCP)

Journey into Night, 2006(hands with nest)

Untitled, 1982

Untitled, 1989