Yamanashi Asian Buffet

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Yamanashi Asian Buffet

We are dedicated to bringing you the best traditional and favorite tastes from the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Specializing in sushi and soups, we present a large variety of tastes for you to choose from. We are located at 1870 University Ave, Dubuque.

Yamanashi interior

beef and beans dish


Try our dilicious meals, good by themselves or included in the buffet. Many options with different meats, no meats, and many vegitables.



Our variety of sushi is sure to please all, with raw and cooked fish wrapped in rice and seaweed. Also available without meat.

eggdrop soup


Try our signature spicy house soup, or the traditional favorite egg drop soup, with our own added touches.

noodle dish


Get any of our meals, sushi, or soup to take with you. All meals come with rice in seperate containers.