Van Gogh Landscapes

Van Gogh and his distinct style has made a huge name in the western art world. His post-impresionist paintings varry from lanscapes and still lifes, to portraits and self-portraits.

Characterized by bold colors and dramatic brushstrokes, his artstlye contributed to the foundations of modern art. Even though Van Gogh created over two thousand paintings throughout his life, most of his work was done in his final 2 years.

Van Gogh is most famous for Starry Night, but you can see several of his other works with similar content and theme. This is his later style which he fully developed in his stay in Arles in southern France. Before this his work was much darker, with more detailed brushing. These early works are almost unrecognizable as being painted by the same artist.

Like many artists, Vincent Van Gogh's fame came only after his death. His art is described as misunderstood and verging on the line between madness and creative genius.


Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch artist born in March of 1853, but developed much of his art in France.

Though famous now, Van Gogh was unsuccessful during his lifetime and was merely regarded as a madman and a failure. Years of poverty and mental illness led to his suiside at age 37 in July, 1890.

Starry Night, 1889

Cornfield with Cyprus, 1889

La Nuit Etoilee, 1888