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  • What`s up ya`ll. This is Mazen Jafer Taher Tankou, from Saudi Arabia Makkah city an anternational student at unversity of dubudque, lowa state. My major is Art in Communication I`m junior, and my favorite happies are playing vedio games, waching, and playing scoor,.As you can see her I had done some of work resentley that includes pictures below and if you clivkon them ou will see some vedios wtich is going great too. The reason I`m sharing this web page with you it, becasue I feel it`s going to be great to interduse myself to others people by network and let them know about me though the web page I created,so please feel free to chack anything you are intersted in and contact me if you feel like you want to know more about me,and I hope you will enjoy. peace out"