The Village Resturant

The Village Restaurant is a restaurant designed in the shape of a historical castle from the outside. It was designed in this way because we wanted to remined our customers atbout the old days. Catle still exist in some areas ai Saudi Arabia and we wante to create that historical atmosphere for you

The Village Restaurant offers mix of Saudi traditional, popular dishes that include appetizers and main dishes with rice, meat or chicken and any hot and cold salad as well. In addition, we have our special Hijazi sweets which you may just find it in the western side of Saudi Arabia. And, of curse, this fantastic, and historical can`t be done without drinking a cup of hot tea drinks such mint, red, hibiscus. We alsohave cold drinks such as Pepsi, Cola, Miranda or natural homemade Juices.We know sound is so tasty and delicious for you and that means we expect your visit soon. The Village doors are open for you five days weekly from 12P.m. to 11P.m. and druing the weekend frrom 12P.m. until 9P.m. You can order online by visit us in this webside WWW. The Village or visit us on 1410 Costa Verd Blvd CA, San Digeo