Raphael of Urbino

Raphael Sanzio completes the holy trinity from the Renaissance era. He, along with Leonardo da Vince and Michelangelo, are perhaps the three greatest artists within this era as well as throughout time.

Raphael came about at a time in which Europe was in the High Renaissance. This is a short thirty year or so period in which exceptional art had been produced. The Vatican paintings by Raphael are considered one of the highest influences at this time. There are few that rival Raphael during his tim in the High Renaissance.

Rahael's works are considered to be very harmonious with compositions easy to follow. His most famous piece is "The School of Athens." This is one of his many frescoes, but by far his most critically acclaimed.

Raphael was deemed to be the most balanced painter, satisfying all standards, and universal i talen. The period in which he was most admired, was the 17th to 19th centuries.

Self-Portrait with a Friend

Raphael did a unique self portrait in which he painted himsel on the left with his friend on the right

This is currently in the Louvre Museum and happens to be one of my favorite "self" portraits.

The man portrayed as Raphael's friend is unkown. Many think he wsa a fencing master, pupil, or just good friend.

Self Portrait. 1504-1506

La fornarina.

Portrait of Pope Julius II. 1511-1512