During January I had the oppurtunity to take a J-term that not only just fills a requirement but also gave me an oppurunity that would otherwise be non-existant. My class and I along with our professor, Sheila Sabers, went to 11 different design houses. We toured each place and were able to ask questions. Each place was unique and had special qualities and characteristics that made them a great company.

After we were done with visiting the locations, we compiled the information we learned and put it into a infographic. The infographic I made was more of a booklet, with each page looking like a little infographic of each company. I appreciated this oppurtunity because it gave me so many more connections within the design world of Dubuque and gave me an idea of what my career is going to look like after college. It also showed just how much oppurtunity there is sitting right in front of me but who would have known that all of this was in Dubuque!

List of Design Houses we toured:
McCullough Creative
Buzz Creative
Verena Coffee
Cottingham and Butler
John Deere
Boyde Gaming
Kendall Hunt
McGraw Hill

This image is from when our class toured "Happee Smith Productions". We were shown around the building and were able to ask all types of questions. They do a lot of videography work, including interviews, commercials, and special videos. One of the coolest things I learned about their company was that they fly out to a lot of cool places for their clients. Just the other week their client's jet came out to pick them up for a shoot in California.
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