Trotting for Everyday Miracles

Our mission is to inspire hearts and hooves to build lasting relationships to promote wellness, healing, self-awareness and meaning.


We can also customize a session to address any learning opportunity you would like to take on yourself or with your team. For more information on availability, customization, and pricing, please email

Theraputic Riding vs Hippotherapy

Inspiration Stables will offer only Therapeutic Riding (TR) services to special needs children ages 4-17. In TR, lessons are adapted for individuals with special needs in order to help them achieve their desired goals while learning proper horsemanship and riding skills. Hippotherapy is "a physical, occupational or speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement. This treatment strategy is used as part of an integrated treatment program to achieve functional goals." Inspiration Stables plans to add a Hippotherapy program in 2019.

TR Lessons

Each TR lesson is designed to help our participants to achieve their individual goals as well as an overall increase in physical strength and balance, improved confidence and self-awareness, and enhanced communication skills.

A typical lesson consists of:
Grooming and getting to know the horse
Tacking the horse (if appropriate)
Walking warm up
Stretching activities
Games/riding activities
Walking cool down
Untacking (if appropriate)


Our hippotherapy currently serves pediatric physical therapy clients on horseback. Our pediatric physical and hippotherapist conducts 30-minute client sessions weekly to focus on specific therapy goals as determined in conjunction with the family and physicians. Strength, flexibility, posture, stability, muscle control, large and fine motor skills are all goals that can be addressed through the hippotherapy program. For more information, please email

Equine-Assisted Learning

Horses are flight animals and are incredibly intuitive to the present moment. Tackling problems, worrying, planning, processing, people are always in constant motion. We don't always see what’s right in front of us nor how it is affecting us, those around us, and the outcome of our work and life. Horses take us from this chaos and bring us to the now…immediately. Their intuitive nature protects them, and their reactions allow us to see inside ourselves. Their herd dynamics teach us about communication, mostly importantly, the value of non-verbal communication.

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