Let Me

While I'm not a fan of trying to sell myself to you, I do have a pretty sweet comic book collection. I'm also a designer, artist, photographer, and overall visual communicator. That's probably the thing you're looking for.

I've studied and experimented with design and art leading to both success and failure, sometimes horrificly, but it has given me an edge. I've learned what it takes to grab people’s attention, tell a story, and make them want more. This is how I can help you.

4 Years of Study. Lifetime of Dedication.

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Key Attributes

Sure, there are many designers out there, but not all of them offer the range that I can.
You're going to want someone that won't let you down the first time.

Digital Design

I can design almost anything fast, efficiently, and of great quality. I have experience in almost every software widely used in the market today.


Big projects require lots of people. I can work well with teams and individuals quick and clean. I can fit into every situation like water in a glass.


When it comes to art and having fun, I'm still a child at heart. Every project feels like I'm staring at a 36 pack of crayola crayons.


No matter where or how you've gotten through life, someone has said something they can't follow up on. I am NOT that guy.

quality work
Recently done project

Mutated Dinosaur

Character, 3DS Max

Welcome to Chicago

Dig Painting, Autodesk Sketchbook

Prime Vibes

Packaging, Adobe, Various

Unforeseen Circumstances

Dig Painting, Autodesk Sketchbook


Photography, Canon

In Motion

Illustration, Adobe Illustrator


Photography, Photoshop


I've been recognized a few times for my work, these are some of my most glorious to date.