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Wizard World Comic Con Chicago

During the summer of 2018, I took an animation internship that was funded by a scholarship grant from my university (University of Dubuque). Over the course of the summer I and my fellow classmate Tyler Dunwoody had the opportunity to help Mr. Dale Campbell from Positive Productions Plus on animating his 3D animated cartoon "The World According to the Bagleys".

Since this was an internship provided to me by my university I then had to find a way to present my work I have done over the summer. The way I did it was by joining Dale at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago and helping him run a booth for the company. I also, with the help of Dale, was able to present a little 3D work on what Wizard World calls the creative stage. This helped in meeting my requirement of being able to present my work as I was able to present to others the process of 3D animation.