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Spain School Trip 2019

During January of 2019 I got to go to Spain and study the art and culture for 10 days. While I was there I visited many places and learned about the amazing culture of Spain. I also made some friends with those who went and got a lot of pictures while I was there. We did tours while in different cities but we got to explore the cities in groups so we could experience the culture better. We had a local tour guide for Spain and we would also meet up with a tour guide for the city we were visiting. This gave us more information about the city we were in and we got to learn about general facts about Spain.

The coolest place we visited was Gibraltar because of the amazing views from the top of the island, another cool place was Toledo because of the amazing view of the river and valley. I tried to mainly stick to foods I knew I'd like after the first two days, McDonalds is different there, less greasy and better selection.