My Cats

These are my 6 cats from oldest to youngest (in order of pictures): Tigger (14 years old), Henry (9 years old), Tuxedo (5 years old), Puffball (4 years old), Millie (2 years old), and Dutchess (almost 1 years old).

Tigger was part of the original 4 cats that we had before they passed away from old age or health complications. Which is why there is such a large age gap between Tigger and Henry. All of them live comfortably live in my home with great comfort and occasional fighting except whenever there's treats, food, or they see that you have something that they want.

Tigger, the oldest, is always found sleeping except whenever he wants to eat. He is also very grumpy but likes to be pet.

Henry, the 2nd oldest, likes to cuddle and sleep on "his" pillow. He also likes to perch up on almost anyone's left shoulder.

Tuxedo, the oldest of the middle children, likes to play with feathers and to eat curly fries. He is also the chubbiest out of all of the cats but he's a lovebug.

Puffball, the youngest of the middle children, keeps to herself most of the time or is hanging around Tuxedo. She is also a bully to everyone but Tuxedo.

Millie, the 2nd youngest, is always around Dutchess or is found bugging Puffball. She also likes to try to steal food off of plates.

Dutchess, the youngest of the six, likes to nip at the other cat's feet or is always trying to go outside. She is always always getting into trouble by climbing just about everything including people.

Tigger only gets along with all of them unless he's grumpy. Henry gets along with almost all of them depending on the time of day. Tuxedo gets along with all of the cats. Puffball gets along with only Tuxedo. Millie gets along with all of them except Puffball. Dutchess gets along with Millie and teases the others whenever possible. Each of them have their own personalities that clash with the others but at the end of the day (or when ever there's food) they will finally get get along with each other... that is until one of them demands for the other's food bowl.