Hot Coffee

Americano  $2.50 
Latte  $3.50     
Cappuccino  $3.50        
Macchiato  $3.00

Other Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate  $3.50     
Apple Cider  $4.00     
Chai Latte  $3.00   
Hot Tea Latte  $3.00

Cold Coffee

Iced Americano  $3.00    
Iced Latte  $3.50    
Cold Brew $3.50   
Frappe  $4.00

Other Cold Drinks

Fruit Smoothie  $5.00   
Energy Drink  $4.50   
Chocolate Milk  $3.50   
Snow Cream  $3.50

Afternoon Coffee - Our Way

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Hot Chocolate
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Apple Cider
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Chai Latte

Open daily from 7am - 8pm

Contact Us

Coffee Hour,
2000 University Ave,
IA, 91308-52001, US
P: (424) 207-9183

About Us

Coffee Hour is located at 2000 University Ave, Dubuque, IA. Best place in town to start your day. Healthy and 100% organic beans fair-trade sourced from Saudi Arabia. Stop by for a tasty and healthy coffee.         

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