Callie Feuss

Digital Artist

I am a college student who grew up just outside of a small town in Iowa. I'm majoring in Digital Art and Desgin and plan on focusing in 3D modeling. I'm still learning, but I'm passionate about what I do and hope that it will lead to a better development of skills and an enjoyable job in the future.

Basic Information

Career Major : Digital Art and Design

Career Focus : 3D Modeling

Age : 20

Country : United States


Goals & Accomplishments

Game Creation, Academic Accomplishments, and Services

Once I'm able to get my career started or hone my creation skills, I hope to be part of a team that has the creation of a fantasy based game in mind. In most games, players play as humanoids. It's rare to find a game where you survive as something different. Therefore, one of my future goals is to create or help create a fantasy based game where you can play as a wide variety of creatures.

During high school, I was active around the community. One of my personal accomplishments was that I was part of a 4H group for 12 years and participated in many fairs and community services. At fairs, I showed both indoor projects and livestock projects. I've even had a few of my projects make it to the Iowa State Fair. For community services, of 4H group participated a range of activies such as running food and drink stands during community events as well as raking the fallen leaves in yards during the fall. I also had accomplishments in high school where I was valedictorian for my graduating class and was on the academic honors list for multiple years.

Passions & Hobbies

Animals and Digital Media

Before I decided to take the Digital Art career pathway, I had always thought that I'd be working with animals when I was older. I'm an animal and earth lover so I care deeply about the environment and its creatures. As a kid, I would constanly be playing animal themed games and would stive to learn more about animals. However, in the end it would be miserable for me to work directly with animals because of allergies. So, I decided to go with the next best thing for me career. I also have a passion for fantasy, movies, and games which is what essentially drove me to my career choice. Hopefully, I'll be able to combine the two and I'll be able to help animals through graphic design.