Chris Ramos


DART Student

Growing up I was always using technology, both because I enjoyed their complexity as well as being encouraged to learn about them. Slowly I became accostomed to them and gained a further urge to learn and do more. Once the time came to look into colleges and further education, I had an idea on what I wanted to do. Digital Art and Design was among my top choices.

Contact Information

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Phone : (239) 994-0712

Address : Cape Coral, Florida

Breif Stories

Early Life Overseas

My father became fully enlisted in the United States Army around the time I was 9 years old. I didn't really have an idea as to what that would mean for us, in part becasue he didn't have a difinitive idea either. What we did know is that things were going to be be different from then on out, and surely they were. A few months after my dad finished basic training and recived his MO he recieved his PCS orders that sent us to German for the first time to a place called Büdigin. The culture shock that followed was like a freight train right into the throat, but I eventually got used it it after a few monthes. A lot happened in my time there and Germany slowly became the place I called home. Funny thing is, that when we were stationed back in the United States to Kansas, it was a culter shock all over again... but not nearly as bad.

College Life

The beginning of my college career came pretty hard too. Not tha I was sheltered, but having spent most of my life overseas didn't give me much preperation for this. The culture of the kids in a very small high school on a military post is a bit different than it is here. I was also sent here by myself but my brother had been studying for a year here already so he was able to show me the ropes. A friend of mine from high school also joined me and became my roomate for our first year. It was a very steep turn for my life as I was now responsible for basically everything. It was concerning yet liberating at the same time. Now I am surrounded by friends that make life fun and interesting and plan on finishing up soon.