Kevin's Coffeeshop 

Contact Us: (646)384-2323
3228 Holland Rd, Virginia Beach, VA. 23453


Days we are open    

Monday-Friday 7:00am-5pm

Saturday 7:00am-5pm

Sunday  CLOSED


Common Area 

Come in and try our cozy drinks. Enjoy the view.

Grab a table and chair while you enjoy free WiFi.

Customize your drink your own way.

Try out our exotic flavored creams today.

Types of coffee we offer 


Ice Coffee






Irish Coffee

Donuts and Teas 


Every morning we have fresh donuts for our valued customers.

Matcha Tea

Our special-teas come in a variety of delicous flavors.    

About Us

Welcome to Kevin's Coffeeshop.  I am a coffee and tea lover who wants to share great food and drink with my friends and neighbors. We have the best coffee! Come in and try it out. We are sure we will see your smiley face as you walk out the door.

Our mission is to provide the best food and drinks in a welcoming environment for our friends and neighbors. Welcome neighbors!