MiKayla Rose


My name is MiKayla Rose Medendorp but I like to go by MiKayla Rose. I am a transfer junior at the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa. I am currently working on my bachelor's degree to become a Graphic Designer. Graphic Design has become a huge part of my life and I enjoy every minute of it. If you are interested in having any kind of work done for a design, please refer to the contact section below.

Contact Information

Email : kaylarose2017@gmail.com

Website : mikaylarose.com

Phone : (563)-249-7131

Address : Dubuque, Iowa

Experienced Programs

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is probably the most common software to use as a Graphic Designer. As a Graphic Designer I feel that knowing Photoshop inside and outside is very important to myself as well as my clients and possible co-workers. Photoshop is fun but also challenging. However, my favorite thing about Photoshop is you can turn multiple photos into one large photo.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a whole new level of expertise. It's a hard program to understand but once you learn the tools you will soon realize how efficient Illustrator can be, you also wonder where Illustrator has been all your life. When designers say that they love to draw on the computer, they are most likely referring to Illustrator. Most of the time, if a designer is looking to draw up a character or a logo, Illustrator is where the designer goes.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is currently still new to me as I am in a current class that is working with InDesign. From what I have learned about InDesign so far is that it is the main program you would use for print design. Print design is the designing of flyers, posters, invitations, etc. This is the design field I want to go into so I am very excited to learn more about InDesign.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is another new program I am currently working with. So far I really like this program for website design. I've used one other program called UltraEdit and comparing that one to Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver is definitely more efficient for a designer. However, coding is not my favorite when it comes to website design so my experience with this program probably will not be as strong.