I love to create


Graphic Design

     Although I don't have a fovorite, I would personally say that I am best at graphic design between all of my computer skills.                    


3d Modeling

   I love to do 3D modeling work and take great pride in all of my models.      


Digital Illustration

   I am also quite good at digital illustration, as I love to push myself further and further trying to tackle harder more realistic projects.   

My Work

I have a large amount of different peices I ahve worked on recently these are some that I think are the best.       


About Me

  I have been diving into computers ever since I was as young as 13, ever since I built my first pc I was totally hooked. Originally starting out with creating basic stick animations as a kid, websites, and digital illustrations. I eventually came up with the idea of getting a digital art and design degree.     

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123 Dubuque ave 



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