Wellness and what it is

During covid I been into wellness and this site will tell you about tips to help you better yourself during these difficult times. What is wellness and why is a good thing? Wellness is different than athletics because you're working out at a slower pace then you would in any sports. It's relaxes not only your body it also relaxes your mind. Doing meditaton or yoga or tai chi or even listening to music are great ways I've found that help me destress after a long day, of classes or homework or life in general.

What is meditation and why does it matter?

Meditaion is way to relax your mind and body but most importantly your chakra (the crown, the third eye, the heart, the throat, solar plexus, sacral, finally the root). What is a Chakra? A body's chakra are points on the body that allow when your meditating helps you deepen your "trance" and open your mind. The crown chakra represented by a purple color is located at the crown of your head. The third eye represented by a indigo color, is located in between your eyebrows. The throat chakra is a light blue color and is located at your throat. The heart chakra is green and is at your heart. The solar plexus is a yellow chakra located in the center of your rib cage. The sacral chakra is an orange chakra that is located near your belly button. Finally the root chakra the red chakra is located at the base of your spine this chakra is very important because it helps keep you rooted during meditation, it also is a way to send your negative feelings down the invistible "cord" into the center of the Earth. Why should you do wellness it helps you maintain your mental and spirital health? It strengthens your connection with ones self now more than ever during these changing times of Covid-19. Every now and then everyone needs a bit of "me time" to destress and unwind, and meditation in my opinion is the key. It doesn't matter if you are sitting or laying down as long as you are alone and comfortable. In meditation your focusing on your breathing and relax, it's not an instant thing you can do naturally it takes practice.