Dubuque, Iowa

The City of Dubuque is a small gem in the Midwest. At first it may not appear to be much, just a town with three colleges but there are many hidden adventures just waiting for you to take part in!

The Mines of Spain has many trails for the young and old to enjoy nature. The Horse Shoe Bluff Trail provides a wonderful view of both the river front and the magnificent bluff.

The Swiss Valley Nature Preserve is a place of beauty and fun for all ages. There are steep trails for those looking for a workout and there are friendly nature paths where you can enjoy a nice stroll surrounded by trees, creeks, and fields. As an added bonus the creeks provide a nice quiet place for those who enjoy fishing!

The Dubuque Arboretum is a very relaxing location to simply sit and enjoy nature or to stroll through the gardens surrounded by the plant life and the small critters who inhabit the area.

For those looking for an appealing view of the city Cleveland Park and The Fenelon Place Elevator are the places to go! Cleveland Park has a wonderful view of the city below during the day time but at night the town simply lights up showing off it's beauty in the dark. The Fenlon Place Elevator may scare those who fear heights but the view is worth it!

No matter where you choose to go in Dubuque from the wonderful college campuses to the trails of the Mines of Spain to the peaceful gardens of the arboretum there is a little something for everyone in Dubuque.