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Leo’s grandfather, Steve, made pine furniture from the forest on his farm in Middleton. With so many pines available, Steve used his knowledge of woodworking to provide quality, locally grown pines for middle class homes in the Madison area and beyond.

While there are over 100 species of pine trees, the most common ones in the Madison, Wisconsin area include the Jack Pine, Red Pine and Eastern White. Pine trees are evergreens that can reach from 50 to 150 feet in height. They also live a long time; on average, they live from 100 to 1,000 years.

The Jack Pines (Pinus Banksiana) are usually a light and soft wood, mostly for pulpwood to make paper, but they can also be used to make lumber and material for small furniture, like occasional tables and decorations.

The Red Pines (Pinus Resinosa) rise to a height of 80 to 120 feet. They are stately trees that everyone notices. The trunk is often 2-3 feet in diameter, and it has large bark that is reddish-brown in color forming on the trunk as the tree ages. Red Pines do well in the forest because they are disease-free and pests don’t like them. As far as the wood goes, Red Pines are pale-red with white sapwood. They are mostly used in small furniture and small bed sets.

The Eastern White Pines (Pinus Strobus) grow to roughly 100 feet in height, making them quite majestic trees that are certain to be noticed. The bark starts out thin and greenish-gray in color, but gets thicker and grayer as it ages. The larger White Pines have diameters that are quite impressive, getting up to roughly 5 feet in diameter, making them ideal for Grandpa Steve to cut and fashion into furniture. Tables, bedroom suites, shelves.

Today Leo’s Pine Furniture has expanded to offer much more than what Grandpa Steve or his son Andrew could fashion. The store is home to upholstered bedroom suites, occasional tables, sofa sets, chairs, lamps – everything you might need in your home. From midcentury to modern styles, just visit our storeroom or see us online. Ask for Leo, Steve or Andy. But Leo is the one who will greet you with the widest smile, always happy to see new friends.

Address: 14 S. Segoe St, Madison, WI 53705. Click For Email. Phone: (608) 555-1212