Religous Meaning

Wordless figures in the Wedding at Cana give this painting expressed you've maybe never thought of. The gatherers all had flush faces with the sweetness of flowers strapped around the bridesmaids’ wrists. Giving more detail into what the Wedding at Cana actually describes.

The bride and the groom as if they have not heard the words I do. The anticipating couple look in despair hoping this wedding will accumulate enough guests to create their perfect phantasy. The glasses and wine warm the picture with giddiness and miraculous sips that contain the curve of black and dark eyes. The gathers hands slender, hair thick and rich as fur look in awe at their surroundings in amazement to what they are a part of.

The positive and negative fields of this painting open the illustration where shadows are thrown from side to side. There is more beyond the treetops and the sky goes even unto the heavens. Thus describing this wedding as almost heaven like or from which God has created the perfect environment for this special day.

These heavens bare the fruits of Christ displayed in the middle of the Wedding at Cana. The importance of Christ is symbolizing the process of him turning water into wine right before the gatherers eyes. The greatest part of the religious aspect to the picture is the holiness to all the people portrayed. Each individual being has something to say with the lightest sense of harmony. This is a time of prayer and celebration for the beginning of something new, a marriage.