Chagall's "Glass Windows"

It is a glass medium and it he is known for creating cathedral windows all over the country. When he came to America he offered “American Windows” as a greeting card. This artworks has three different panels and they all relate to tell a story that you can do anything you put your mind to. All the panels tie together with the vibrate cities of the blues, music of Chicago, concepts of peace and religious form in each.

In the first panel, it captures Chicago’s rich history and instruments are being played such as guitars and fiddles. Usually when he has rhythm and music it’s connecting with God.In the second panel, it shows the rich city showing unity and peace. Towards the bottom it has a giant dove which captures the prayer of the city. The third panel, shows the importance of religious freedom because in the artwork there is a candle which is in remembrance of Chicago’s mayor that passed away. It also shows an angel and how God is in everyday life and is with us whenever we need him to be.

All the panels show some sort of religious importance and helps tell a story about everyday life. This artwork captures unity and peace within each neighborhood of the city and remembrance of the mayor by connecting with God. American Windows is very significant to the world because it shows us the importance of religious freedom. In his artwork of “American Windows” it shows God by building the life and how people overcome their day of working hard. In each of the panels it captures everyday life as an American while connecting with God in each of the panels.

Panel One

Panel Two

Panel Three