Chagall's "Green Violinist"

Another one of his artworks I have chosen is Green Violinist, he captures vivid colors and dancing in a rustic village of his homelands of Paris. In this artworks it captures bright colors such as light blue, dark blue, white, purple, green, orange and many more. Also the man is the artwork is standing on top of houses in a village playing the violin This artwork symbolizes he is trying to reach out to God by playing music and dancing. According too, Jennifer Blessing, “Chagall’s childhood believed it is possible to achieve communication with God through music and dance, and the fiddler was a vital presence in ceremonies and festivals”. Fiddler is on the rooftops and it became a set of to Chagall because of his memories of the “countryside” which he called home. The artwork also captures is religious beliefs such as his Jewish culture because “the man” is representing Prophet Elijah. According to, The Art Story he is a colorful man and is a pillar of the community. Showing that “Elijah” can brighten up the community with his bright colors and communicate to God by music and dancing on the rooftops.

Top view

Middle view

Bottom View