Death and Legacy

Raphael had an unfortunate untimely death at the young age of 37. He was at the peak of his abiltiy so he could unfortunately not go onward with his work. I wonder how many more great paintings he could've made for had he not died so early.

Fever was the cause of his death. Too many late night and frequent lustful activities added to the decay of Raphael's health. It is quite an unlucky case that on Good Friday, he happened to pass. He had apparently lied to his doctors on what the cause of his sickness was, causing them to diagnose it wrong, in turn, giving the wrong cure.

He had a enourmous funeral, many paintings left behind in his legacy, and even more paintings made about him. He was then buried in the Pantheon in Rome. He has been regarded as one of the best painters within the Renaissance peiod, as well as one of the best painters in history overrall.