Rome Artistry

This is what Raphael is most famous for. After 1508, in which Raphael moved to Rome, he was invited by Pope Julius II to come work. He was first comissioned to frescoe a room which was supposed to be his private library. This was his largest and importanat commission he had recieved yet.

This was the beginning of his "Stanzes" also known as the Raphael Rooms. His first painting happens to be regarded as his most famous work, which was The School of Athens He also created the Parnassus and Disputa in that room as well.

After completing the first room, he did so well they wanted him to paint more. One could also tell he had a high influence from Michelangelo's Sistin Chapel. He had completed three rooms in total all highly praised.

School of Athens. 1509-1511.

The Parnassus. 1511.

Disputation of the Holy Sacrament. 1509-1510