Here are three more photos from Jerry Uelsmann, all featuring someone's hands.

The first photo on the left is an untitled photo from 1966. In this photo you can see a women lying down on the grass. With one raise up and looking abnormally large. On her hand appears to be an image of someone else.

In the middle is an untitled photo from 1988. In this photo you can see the sky at the top and below a dark background with two hands. These hands are making an oval shape and in the middle of the hand in wrapped image. The image between the hands appears to be a walking path in a forest and the image itself seems shaped as an object. However, I can't figure out what it resembles.

Finally the third photo is an untitled photo from 2003. In this photo you can see, a mountainous area with a lake. In the foreground of there's a two hands, which seem to be holding some rippling water. They could also be rising from the lake, but I can't really tell.

Untitled, 1966

Untitled, 1988

Untitled, 2003