Unnatural Nature

Here are three more photos, all taken in nature.

This first photo on the left is called Forgotten Promise and is from 2012. In the photo you can see some large rocks in the foreground and what looks like a desert in the behind that. The sky is cloudy and has a large crack in it. Near the edge of the rocky area seems to be a faint apparition of a person.

The second image in the middle is untitled and from 1969. In this photo, you can see two floating tree like objects. One is large and floating about a patch of ground, while the other is smaller and in the background. Behind the larger tree is a mountain range and the larger tree looks to be either floating above a lake or everything could be floating in the sky.

Lastly the third photo on the right is untitled and from 2000. In this photo you can see, a path in a forest. There's a lot of tall trees on either side. In the path there's a pair of lips protruding from the ground.

Forgotten Promise, 2012

Untitled, 1969

Untitled, 2000