Interesting but Untitled

Here are three more examples of Jerry Uelsmann's works, all of which have no title.

The photo on the left is from 1964 and in the photo. There's a large two story with couple of trees next to it. Below the house is large head of an old man. Also, the head looks like a crumbling statue.

In the middle, that photo is from 1976 and in the photo. There's a desk in what looks like a study, with fireplace and some other furniture in the background. The room thought has no ceiling and a cloudy sky can be seen where the ceiling would be.

Lastly the third photo is from 1980 and in the photo. It appears to be taken from inside a building looking outside from an entryway. Outside you can see some trees, another building, and a large dark sphere in the sky.

Untitled, 1964

Untitled, 1976

Untitled, 1980